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  • Soil Risk Maps (partial cover)

    The Risk maps show a series of simple indicators of the role of soils in determining risks to water quality. These indicators include the risk of soil erosion, leaching from...
  • Soil profile depth, bulk density and carbon stock of Scotland

    The spatial distribution of soil organic carbon is an important factor in land management decision making, climate change mitigation and landscape planning. Here three groups of...
  • National Soils of Scotland

    James Hutton Institute data sets contributing or derived from the National Soils of Scotland database. Soil maps display the distribution of different soil types across the land...
  • Soils of Scotland (partial cover)

    A series of data sets from the James Hutton Institute that cover the more intensively farmed parts of Scotland. These data are typically at a larger scale (more detailed) than...
  • Thematic Soil Maps

    Thematic soil maps show the distribution of a specific soil property or theme, such as topsoil organic carbon content or soil texture.
  • Peat Surveys

    Surveys of peat produced by the Scottish Peat Committee and the Macaulay Institute since the 1950's
  • Land Capability Maps

    Land capability maps use soil data along with information on other properties, such as climate or landscape, to classify the land for a specific purpose such as the Land...
  • Available Water Capacity

    The available water capacity map is based on the 1:250 000 soil map and calculated using data from the Scottish Soils Knowledge and Information Base (SSKIB). The available water...
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