About NAR:DP

The purpose of the Natural Asset Register: Data Portal (NAR:DP) is to provide open access, to all individuals and organisations, to research outputs (spatial data) that are related to Scotland’s natural assets. These spatial research datasets are produced by researchers in six Scottish Environment, Food and Agricultural Research Institutes (SEFARI) [https://sefari.scot/]. A report on the creation of this tool is available at [https://www.hutton.ac.uk/sites/default/files/files/research/srp2016-21/rd141/RD141_NAR-DP_ProjectDescription_final.pdf].

How to use the NAR:DP

On this page you can search for datasets using common terms related to Scotland's natural assets e.g. water, soils or woodland. Another way to find a dataset is to click on the organisations page [https://openscience.hutton.ac.uk/organization/]. If you are interested to see the complete list of datasets, then click on the dataset page [https://openscience.hutton.ac.uk/dataset/].

Browser Compatibility

We recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Please note that the legacy browser IE8 may have restricted functionality with this site. Please consider using a more recent browser. Certain configurations of later versions of Internet Explorer will not display the map.


We use the General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus or GEMET in our tags. This helps to ensure consistency within thhe NAR:DP and also with other initiatives. More information is available at the site [https://www.eionet.europa.eu/gemet/en/themes/].